Recent Updates

[30/09/2010] Watchdog NS-2 Module release 2.00 uploaded. Including Bayesian Filters

[04/05/2010] Watchdog NS-2 Module release 1.00 uploaded.

[27/05/2009] Watchdog release 1.08 uploaded.

[27/03/2009] Watchdog release 1.07 uploaded.

[27/01/2009] PerRo reaction mechanism upload.

[15/01/2009] Adding The Reputation tool.

[15/01/2009] Generation of this web page.


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Welcome to SafeWireless!


SafeWireless is a group of applications to improve the security of the wireless ad hoc networks designed for researching purpose. In this site we will post different tools developed to prevent an attack in this kind of network.


The main objective of each tool is detect an attacker and alert the system about it. For this, we use the Syslog-ng compatible message, but in the future will integrate it with different formats and generate different kinds of alerts.

We know that a wireless network can be composed by different kinds of devices such as laptops, routers, PDA, Netowork Simlator 2 (NS-2) or others! Each device use different operative systems. We try that our developed tools are compatible with different devices and operative systems. Until now, we test them into:

Thanks to:

Grupo de Redes de Computadores de la UPV
Universidad Politecnica Valencia
Grupo Sistemas Tolerantes a Fallos de la UPV Reaction After Detection
Celtic Initiative
Celtic Initiative